Dr. Richard H. Holm Wins Welch Award

Dr. Richard H. Holm Wins Welch Award

September 12, 2016

The Welch Foundation has named Dr. Richard H. Holm a recipient of the 2016 Welch Award, to be presented in October. He will share the prize with Dr. Stephen J. Lippard, MIT.

SitN director Amy Gilson is a SMASH16 Fellow

September 9, 2016

CCB graduate student Amy Gilson is one of the inaugural class of Fellows chosen for the 2016 Science Media Awards & Summit in the Hub conference, hosted by radio station WGBH. The conference takes place September 20-22. A gathering of over 300 leading scientists, journalists, and science media communicators from all over the world, SMASH16 explores new methods of innovation in interactive science media.

CCB Director Elizabeth Lennox named Co-Director of Graduate Studies in CCB

August 8, 2016

CCB Department Chair Charlie Lieber and Dan Nocera, Director of Graduate Studies, announce that Lab Director Elizabeth Lennox has been appointed as the CCB Co-Director of Graduate Studies. She will partner with Dan Nocera to work with CCB's students across the platform of questions and issues that can arise during one's graduate education experience. As noted when she joined CCB, her extensive background in leadership positions both centrally and within other graduate departments at Harvard allows her to offer unique mentorship and guidance to students during their time in CCB.

Two New Assistant Professors Join CCB

July 18, 2016

We are very pleased to welcome Assistant Professors Brian Liau and Christina Woo to CCB as of July 1st! Professor Liau is no stranger to CCB, having received his Ph.D. in 2013 and undergraduate degree in Chemistry & Physics in 2007. Most recently, he has been working on cancer epigenetics at Massachusetts General Hospital. Professor Woo, a graduate of Wellesley College and Yale University, joins us from Stanford University, where she has held a Jane Coffin Childs postdoctoral fellowship in the area of chemical glycoproteomics.

Chicago's Benton Medal Goes to Jim Anderson

Chicago's Benton Medal Goes to Jim Anderson

June 9, 2016

The University of Chicago bestows its infrequently-awarded Benton Medal for Distinguished Public Service this year to Professor Jim Anderson. He is cited for work that "spans precise laboratory measurements, airborne field campaigns, and policy initiatives on the national and international stage." He receives the award at the university's 527th convocation in mid-June. Congratulations, Professor Anderson!

Gabriela Oppens

Welcome Gabriela Oppen to CCB!

May 17, 2016

Gabriela Oppen joins CCB as Administrative Coordinator to the Betley lab this week. Gabriela hails from Colombia, and has worked at Harvard for the past eight years, most recently in GSAS and the Committee on Scholarships. Welcome to CCB, Gabriela!

It's the National Chemistry Olympiad Again for Jacob Sanders

May 16, 2016

Twenty finalists attending the Chemistry Olympiad Study Camp during the first two weeks of June have the privilege of our newly minted Ph.D. Jacob Sanders' mentorship. As alumni may remember, Jacob helped lead the competing team to two gold medals and two silvers a couple of years ago, their highest finish in many years. This year the lucky finalists will have two peer mentors from Harvard. Jacob will be joined by Chemistry and Physics concentrator Sidharth Chand '17, the only other peer mentor.

New Technique to Correct Point Mutations in Human Cells Developed by Liu Group

April 20, 2016

Researchers in the Liu group have developed a new genome-editing capability, called "base editing" that can alter individual DNA letters without making a double-stranded break in the genome. As a result, base editing minimizes the random insertion and deletion of bases in the gene of interest that are a common outcome of current genome editing tools including CRISPR-Cas9. Base editors allow researchers to make a C to T, or a G to A, change in a target base specified by the researcher.

Star Finish for Holly Rees in Boston Marathon

April 19, 2016

In her very first Boston Marathon and only second marathon overall, graduate student Holly Rees from the Liu group has finished in 2:58:26, placing 34th in her division, 39th among all women runners, and 867th overall, in a field of over 30,000 runners! Aleks Markovic, lab administrator for the Liu group, writes, "It is a great achievement and we are enormously proud of her." Congratulations, Holly!