Teaching Laboratories

Chemistry Lab Courses

Students in Harvard College, Harvard Extension School and Harvard Summer School can take courses with extensive hands-on laboratory learning.  Many of our chemistry courses contain laboratory components, and advanced lab courses take place completely in the lab.  Laboratory courses include the following (course descriptions can be found in the online Courses of Instruction catalog, and in the Extension and Summer course catalogs):

  • Courses with Laboratory Components
    • Life and Physical Sciences A, Foundational Chemistry and Biology
    • Life Sciences 1A, An Integrated Introduction to the Life Sciences
    • Physical Sciences 1, Chemical Bonding, Energy and Reactivity
    • Physical Sciences 10, Quantum and Statistical Foundations of Chemistry
    • Physical Sciences 11, Foundations and Frontiers of Modern Chemistry
    • Chemistry E-1, General Chemistry
    • Chemistry S-1, General Chemistry
    • Chemistry 27, Organic Chemistry of Life
    • Chemistry 20, Organic Chemistry 
    • Chemistry 30, Organic Chemistry
    • Chemistry E-2, Organic Chemistry
    • Chemistry S-20AB, Organic Chemistry
  • Advanced Laboratory Courses
    • Chemistry 100r, Experimental Chemistry and Chemical Biology (Chemistry S-101 in the Harvard Summer School)
    • Chemistry 135, Experimental Synthetic Chemistry
    • Chemistry 145, Experimental Inorganic Chemistry
    • Chemistry 165, Experimental Physical Chemistry

Teaching Laboratory Spaces

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology teaches laboratory courses in two main locations: the Science Center, and the Northwest Laboratories.

The Science Center laboratories consist of Science Center 117, 212 and 210.  These spaces are equipped for general and organic chemistry experimentation, and for comfortably accommodating large numbers of students.

The Northwest 158 space is part of the Harvard Undergraduate Research Laboratories in Science and Engineering.  These laboratories are equipped for sophisticated chemical synthesis and analysis in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry.

Questions about the Chemistry Teaching Laboratories can be directed to uchemlabs@fas.harvard.edu.