Perkin-Elmer CCB E-Notebook Software

December 3, 2014

CCB has been working with FAS IT and Perkin-Elmer to upgrade our E-Notebook and Inventory software systems and migrate them to Harvard servers. This should enable further integration between the systems, as well as providing increased performance and reliability. The systems are delivered to users through Citrix virtualization, which allows PC, Mac and other client computers to use the software.

See the following message for details on access to the new system:

Dear E-Notebook and Inventory Users,

We are pleased to announce that the migration and upgrade of the ELN and Inventory systems has been completed successfully.  We have opened access to the new servers for the most active users that we know of, and we will roll out access to other users over the coming weeks.

You can now access both systems at the following URL.  VPN is not necessary on- or off-campus.

You will log into this Citrix application server using your FAS username and password, and by selecting “” from the drop down menu.  

In the application server you can launch the E-Notebook or the Inventory (“ChemBioOffice”), and login with your ELN/Inventory user credentials.


1.  The system uses a newer Citrix client (the “Citrix Receiver”), and if you do not have this then the server will prompt you to install it.  The Citrix Receiver application has some very nice features, including the ability to add the application icons to your desktop to avoid a layer of username/password entry.  This is accomplished by adding a "store" to the Citrix Receiver application preferences, pointed to the server URL above.

If you have any trouble with launching the Citrix applications, the likely fix is to uninstall any old Citrix software from your computer.  Information on installing and uninstalling the Citrix software can be found in the support files near the bottom of [this page].

2.  The new system uses a new type of Reaction section for chemistry notebooks, and this has some important implications.  Some new features will not work with pages that predate the upgrade, though old pages will still be viewable and editable.  

    1. If you use a notebook page template, you need to delete the reaction section from your template and create a new one.  
    2. If you use the Batch Explorer, to avoid problems you need to start a fresh notebook page to start a new batch or synthesis route.  
    3. You will not be able to copy and paste entire reaction sections from old pages to new ones.  You can still copy-paste text or chemical structures regardless.
    4. Basically, old notebook pages may cause confusing errors if you try to mix them with new notebook pages.

The project team can be reached at for any of the following:

  • Questions about the migration.
  • Access to the Citrix server or the Perkin-Elmer software.
  • Bug Reports:  Please email a description of the problem, with a screenshot of any error messages.

Training Resources:

Video:  Harvard E-Notebook What's New 2014

Video:  Harvard E-Notebook Brief Training 2011

Video:  Harvard Inventory Brief Training 2011

Other Resources:

HUIT Citrix Support Documents


Windows Access Instructions726 KB
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