Panel Discussion: "Life from chemistry: How did it happen?"


Monday, February 8, 2021, 12:00pm



Join us for a panel called "Life from chemistry: How did it happen?" on the prebiotic chemistry path to protocells in the lab. The panel will feature three scientists, who will each deliver a 25-minute talk followed by five minutes for Q&A. After the inter-connected talks, Professor Dimitar Sasselov will moderate a 30-minute panel discussion. The event's three panelists are:

  • Professor Karin Oberg (Astronomy): astrochemical advances in origins of life studies;
  • Professor John Sutherland (Laboratory of Molecular Biology): advances in prebiotic chemistry;
  • Professor Jack Szostak (Chemistry & Chemical Biology): advances in protocells in the lab.

Sponsored by the Origins of Life Initiative.  

A flyer for the event