CCB Staff Q&A: Leah DeFrancesco, Research Scholar Coordinator

June 26, 2022
CCB Staff Q&A: Leah DeFrancesco, Research Scholar Coordinator

Leah DeFrancesco has taken on a new position within CCB as a Research Scholar Coordinator. Leah will be coordinating research appointments and acting as the primary administrative support system for postdoctoral fellows. Leah is very excited to be a resource for CCB Research Scholars, and she is looking forward to contributing to the advancement of an academic environment where scholars thrive and flourish.

Below, Leah has provided answers to questions about her background and aims for her new position. Leah can be reached via email.


Q: What attracted you to join CCB originally?

A: I have a background in biology and chemistry, so the lab atmosphere of CCB felt very comfortable to me, and I was interested building a career where I could add value and contribute in a non-scientific way. CCB felt like a perfect mixture of familiarity and opportunity to grow professionally while helping others along on their paths.

Q: What have you prized most about working here?

A: Absolutely, hands down, I most prize the people. It’s a pleasure to work in a community where so many people, all unique in personality, share the common attributes of genuine helpfulness and resourcefulness.

Q: What are your priorities for the coming year in your new role as Research Scholar Coordinator?

A: Initially, I will be focused on centralizing appointment processing and onboarding for Research Scholars in the department, as well as advising on benefits and departmental policies. I look forward to creating a comprehensive orientation program for Scholars new to the department, to disseminate pertinent information in a streamlined and helpful manner. I also plan on coordinating activities and assisting in creating mentorships to promote an ongoing, strong sense of community and support among CCB research scholars.

Q: What is your long-term goal/vision for supporting Postdoctoral Scholars?

A: My main goal is to act as the primary administrative support system to the scholars, and be a valuable, knowledgeable, resource. If I do my part in this way, it should alleviate a significant amount of administrative burden, clearing the path so the scholars can focus on the more productive and/or enjoyable parts of their work. It’s important to me that the scholars feel like valued members of our community, and I hope to build relationships with them where they feel respected and listened to. 

Q: What else would you like the department to know about you? 

A: In my previous role as a lab administrator, it was easy to get caught up in the tiny world of one lab, unintentionally separate from the rest of the CCB community. In this role, I’m happy to have the opportunity to get to know everyone better!