Dr. Richard H. Holm Wins Welch Award

September 12, 2016
Dr. Richard H. Holm Wins Welch Award

The Welch Foundation has named Dr. Richard H. Holm a recipient of the 2016 Welch Award, to be presented in October. He will share the prize with Dr. Stephen J. Lippard, MIT.

Professor Holm is credited with changing the manner in which inorganic chemistry is applied.  According to Chair Charles Lieber, "the intellectual rigor he has brought to the field has transformed the way inorganic chemists approach problems, and has raisied the standards and enlarged the accomplishments of the entire field of chemistry. His notable achievements in research include developing a rational approach to synthesis of biomimetic low molecular weight complexes that duplicate biological Fe-S centers and creating the chemical and intellectual framework for understanding their function."

The Welch Foundation, based in Houston, is one of America’s largest private funding sources for basic chemical research.  The purpose of the Welch Award is to foster and encourage basic chemical research and to recognize, in a substantial manner, the value of chemical research contributions for the benefit of mankind, as set forth in the will of Robert Alonzo Welch.

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