Fall Teaching Certificates of Distinction and Excellence Announced

March 24, 2016

Congratulations to our graduate students, preceptors and lecturers who will receive Certificates of Distinction in Teaching or Certificates of Excellence in Teaching for the following fall term courses! They will be honored at a presentation in April at the Bok Center.

Certificates of Distinction in Teaching
Chem 101 - Christopher Gerry
Chem 115 - Ziyang Zhang
Chem 160 - Jhonathan Romero Fontalvo, Benjamin Sanchez Lengeling
Chem 17 - Anthony Almazan, Matthew Patton, Holly Rees, Edward Schiffman, Daniel Strassfeld, Rachel Tandias
Chem 171 - Samuel Levi
Chem 30 - Bruce Hua, Tai Ng, Matthew Patton
Chem 60 - Luke Davis
EPS 135 - Joshua Klobas
LifeSci 1A - David Westwood
LPS A - Mykyta Artomov, Raecca Moore, Robert Powers, Alia Roberts
PS 2 - Ian Kivlichian
PS 10 - Matthew Patton, Anqi Zhang

Certificate of Teaching Excellence (for Lecturers and Preceptors)
Chem 100R - Austin Scharf
Chem 30 - Jacob Sanders
LPS A - Lindsay Hinkle
PS 10 - Lu Wang
Sci Phys Univ 20 - Logan McCarty