New Assistant Professor Richard Liu Joins CCB

April 8, 2022
Richard Y. Liu Headshot

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Richard Liu will be joining our department this summer as an Assistant Professor. Liu's group will explore redox-active organic moieties as novel catalytic platforms, new methodology to generate nano-structured carbon platforms, and applying myriad physical techniques to elucidate complex reaction mechanisms. Liu completed his graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he worked with Stephen L. Buchwald on the development of copper-hydride catalysts for olefin hydrofunctionalization processes, as well as palladium- and nickel-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions. After earning his Ph.D. in 2019, he joined the laboratory of Timothy M. Swager at MIT and the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN) as a postdoctoral associate, during which he demonstrated new applications of photochemistry performed on and by organic polymers. His independent research will focus on discovering new concepts at the interface of organic, inorganic, physical, materials, and theoretical chemistry, with the goal of addressing global challenges in sustainability, energy, and human health.

Learn more via the Liu Research Group site and visit his CCB profile page.


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