Nocera Lab Wins Sustainability Award

March 28, 2017
Beakers Growing Plants

The Campus Sustainability Innovation Fund awarded $10,000 for the Lab's project "Sustainable Electro-Biofertilizer Production." The Fund supports projects that use Harvard’s campus or the neighboring community as a test bed for envisioning and piloting innovative solutions to sustainability challenges, including, but not limited to, climate and health. Projects must tackle real-world challenges faced directly on campus or in the community, and lead to the practical application of emerging technologies or strategies.

In the Nocera Lab, hardworking postdoctoral scholar Dr. Kelsey Sakimoto and undergraduate Ju Hyun Lee seek to address Harvard’s sustainable food, greenhouse gas emissions, and educational goals. Through technology that transforms Harvard’s waste streams into potent biofertilizer with renewable electricity, they hope to close Harvard’s nutrient cycle and promote sustainable agricultural practices. Congratulations to Dr. Kelsey Sakimoto, Ju Hyun Lee and the entire Nocera Lab for this selfless and innovative achievement.