Novel Nanowire Architectures by Tuncay Ozel

July 3, 2017
Structural design and site-selective deposition

As a culmination of a partnership between the Lieber and Nocera Research Groups, postdoctoral scholar Tuncay Ozel authored a new publication titled "Electrochemical Deposition of Conformal and Functional Layers on High Aspect Ratio Silicon Micro/Nanowires."

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Published by Nano Letters, the novel functional nanowire structures also caught the attention of nanotechweb, which published its own feature article. The feature touts the "hitherto impossible" nanowire structures that "could find use in a wide range of technology applications in chemistry, physics and medicine as well as in energy conversion and storage, sensing and bioelectronics."

To this synopsis, Tuncay added that "the fact that our technique is scalable and compatible with organic molecules means that it can be integrated with well-established silicon-based industrial processes as a potential route for fabricating arrays of single nanowire devices in parallel." The team has already started to employ their methodology to produce novel applications in the fields of energy conversion and storage, sensing, and bioelectronics.

Electrodeposition of materials on micro/nanowires