Our award-winning teachers, Spring 2018

September 21, 2018
Our award-winning teachers, Spring 2018


CCB lecturers, preceptors, and graduate students earn recognition for their excellence in teaching



Following each semester, the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning celebrates its teaching award winners. But its our students, via end-of-course evaluations, who determine which teachers merit distinction for their exemplary teaching.

Award winners demonstrate the ability to both excite and encourage students. Such rare talent ensures that our undergraduates absorb the material and also develop a passion and even a future in the subject.

The Bok Center will honor its Fall 2017 recipients at an awards ceremony in April. Please join our department and the University in congratulating our wonderful, selfless teachers!

Spring 2018 Teaching Awards


Certificates of Distinction for Teaching Fellows and Course Assistants


Chemistry 20 - Victor Armengol, Stephanie Deccy, Richard Ladley, John Ovian, Naomi Reiner
Chemistry 27 - Yumi Koga, Sophia Lai, Daniel Loh, Matthew Mchenry, Neil Payne, Mac Schumer, Michael Vinyard, Alexander West
Chemistry 40 - Benjamin Lin
Physical Sciences 1 - Molly Huff, Emily Vallillo, Malia Wenny
Physical Sciences 11 - Christopher Ciccarino, Joshua Cox, Joann Kim, Jaehyeong Lee, Michael Liu, Lauren Sweetland-Martin, Youyunqi Wu, Stephanie Zhang


Certificates of Teaching Excellence for Lecturers and Preceptors


Chemistry 165 - Nicholas Colella
Chemistry 20 - Logan S. McCarty, Kaitlin Schaefer
Physical Sciences 12A - Anna Klales