Wolf Prize in Chemistry Winner Stuart Schreiber

January 22, 2016
Stuart Schreiber

Congratulations to Professor Stuart Schreiber, one of two winners of this year’s Wolf Prize in Chemistry! He is cited “for pioneering chemical insights into the logic of signal transduction and gene regulation that led to important, new therapeutics and for advancing chemical biology and medicine through the discovery of small-molecule probes.” His contributions to chemistry are deemed “of a once-in-a-generation magnitude.” The elucidation of biological pathways using small molecules has led to major discoveries in understanding the biology of nutrient sensing and immunosuppression. Such discoveries have “dramatically advanced the understanding of the role that these pathways play in human diseases.” Schreiber shares the award with Professor K. C. Nicolaou of Rice University, who was here as a postdoctoral research with E. J. Corey in the 1970s. Both will receive their prize at a ceremony in Givat Ram, site of Israel’s national legislature the Knesset, in June.