Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB)! Our 2022 orientation will be held during the week of August 22nd. Take a look at the GSAS Academic Calendar for an overview of what to expect in your first year as a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard. For information on what to expect as a CCB graduate student, check out our Graduate Student Guide, which offers information on course requirements, lab rotations, financial support, and more.



During orientation, you will meet with a member of the Curriculum Advising Committee (CAC), which advises students on their academic plans, approves required courses, and assists in decisions related to the PhD program. Meeting with a CAC member is the first step to determining your fall course load, which typically includes two to three courses (two of which are the required courses Chem 300, a research course representing your rotations, and Chem 301hf, a course on teaching). Take a look at our course requirements page for more information.

To be considered an active student at the beginning of each term, you must complete your online check-in for the fall term at my.harvard.edu.  The 2022 check-in deadline is August 17th.

Register for courses at my.harvard.edu. The deadline for 2022 fall course registration is August 26th. Once your curriculum advisor approves your course selections, the CCB Director's Office will approve your courses.

Lab Rotation Program

You are required to join a lab by June 30 of your first year as a Ph.D. candidate. The Lab Rotation Program helps you determine the lab that best fits your research and career goals. Contact Kathy Oakley with any questions about lab rotations.

Laptop/Research Allowance

Incoming graduate students have the option to receive an allowance  for either (1) the purchase of a computer and/or research-related software OR (2) the cost of attending one research-related conference. These funds are available until the end of your G4 year. Funds may only be used in one category. This one-time allowance is limited to $1,200, and receipts are required.

To qualify, please submit a Laptop/Research Allowance Form to Kathy Oakley.

Stipend and Tuition

Joe Lavin will send a financial support letter to you individually in August. This will have the full details of your financial support package. The base stipend rate is $3,549/month, which will be paid to you by a department scholarship, teaching fellowship, and/or external fellowships.

Your tuition, student health fee, and student health insurance plan will be paid by the Department and/or any external fellowships. If you receive term bills in the summer that do not reflect these payments, you do not need to make any payments. 

Please alert Joe Lavin if you have any external fellowships.