Academic Job Postings

Postdoctoral Postition at AstraZeneca, Waltham, MA, June 2017

Adjunct Faculty in Chemistry at UNH Manchester, June 2017

Data Science Curriculum Fellow in Biomedical Informatics at HMS_posted June 2017

Washington University_Faculty Positions in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics_posted May 2017

Trinity University _Chem Postdoc_Urbach lab_posted May 2017

Smith College_Biological Sciences Lecturer starting July 2017_posted April 2017

Bard College Citizen Science Faculty Search_posted April 2017

Visiting Assistant Prof of Chemistry at Washington and Lee University_posted Mar 2017

Curry College _Dept of Natural Sci and Math_1  year Chem Faculty position_posted Mar 2017

Pomona College _ one year visiting Asst Prof in Cellular/Molecular Neuroscience_posted Feb 2017

Emory University_Tenure Track_Theoretical Chem_posted Feb 2017

Howard University_Asst Chem Prof tenure track_posted Feb 2017

Interdisciplinary Postdoct Training Prgm_Quantitative Mechanobiology_posted Jan 2017

Associate or Senior Editor Nature Nanotechnology_posted Jan 2017

Postdoc Position in Chemical Bio & Directed Evolution_Van Deventer Lab at Tufts_posted Jan 2017

Curriculum Fellow position in Online Learning at Harvard Medical School_posted Jan 2017

Organic Staff Scientist_Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory_posted Dec 2016

Savannah River National Lab_postdoc in separations & actinide sciences group_posted Dec 2016

Emmanual College Spring 2017 Adjunct Teaching positions_posted Dec 2016

NIST-National Research Council Postdoctoral Program-posted Dec 2016

Wolfe Labs_Multiple Opportunities_posted Dec 2016

Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute _teaching positions_posted Dec 2016

UC Davis_Asst Project Scientist_posted Nov 2016

University of Wyoming_Organic Asst Prof Faculty_posted Nov 2016

Smith College_Chemistry Post Doc Opportunity_posted Nov 2016

Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Tenure Track (Biochem/Org)_posted Nov 2016

Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Inorganic Chemistry_Rutgers University_posted Nov 2016

St Cloud University, Inorganic Materials Chem Associate Prof_posted Nov 2016

Smith College_Visiting Asst Chem Prof_posted Oct 2016

Univ of Washington_Dept of Chemistry_Tenure line Faculty in Inorganic Chemistry_posted Oct 2016

Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering_Cleanroom Staff_posted Oct 2016

Merck Postdoc Research Fellow-Discovery Chemistry_posted Oct 2016

FrogTutoring Opportunity_posted Oct 2016

University of Minnesota_Asst Chem Prof tenure track_posted Oct 2016

Georgia Institute of Technology_Chem or Biochem tenure track faculty_posted Oct 2016

Boston University_Asst Prof in Chemistry_Asst Prof Physics_posted Oct 2016

UPenn_Materials Sci & Eng Dept _Faculty opening_Electronic/Photonic materials _posted Sept 2016

Postdoctoral fellowship opportunity at the Getty Conservation Institute_posted Sept 2016

Lehigh University_Asst Physical Chem Prof_posted Sept 2016

Duquesne University_Asst Prof Organic Chem_posted Sept 2016

Caltech_Asst Prof of Biochemistry_posted Sept 2016

Texas A&M University_Chem Asst Prof_posted Sept 2016

Univ of Florida_Chem faculty positions_posted Sept 2016

Univ of California, Santa Cruz_Asst Prof Biomaterials_posted Sept 2016

University of Minnesota_Chemistry Faculty positions_posted Sept 2016

Cornell University_Organic Chem Asst Prof_posted Sept 2016

Iowa State University, Asst Chem Prof positions_posted Sept 2016

University of California_Riverside, Assistant Prof_Biomed Epigenetics_posted Sept 2016

Stanford University, Assistant Chem Prof_posted Sept 2016

Brown University, Assistant Prof of Organic Chem_posted Sept 2016

Wayne State University_Multiple Chem Faculty positions_posted Sept 2016

Colorado State University_Multiple Chem Faculty positions_posted Sept 2016

Nevada State College_Asst Prof Chemistry_tenure track-posted Sept 2016

Stanford Molecular Imaging Scholars Program_Postdoc Opportunities_posted Aug 2016

Ball University, Muncie Indiana-Assistant Prof Biochem_posted Aug 2016

Harvard Medical School_Genetics Curriculum Fellow_posted Aug 2016

Washington University St Louis_Asst Prof Biochem_posted Aug 2016

Georgia Institute of Tech_Chem and Biochem Faculty_posted Aug 2016

Northwestern_Asst, Assoc or Full Prof in Theoretical Chem_posted Aug 2016

University of Maryland_Visiting Lecturer Physical and Analytical Chem_posted July 2016

University of Minnesota_Chem faculty one year opening_posted June 2016

Northwestern Univ_Postdoc in Chem Ed_posted June 2016

Pomona College_Chem Lab Instructor_posted June 2016

California State Univ_Asst Prof Biochem_posted March 2016

Univ of New Hampshire Manchester, Adjunct Chem Instructor_posted Feb 2016

St Cloud State Univ, Dept of Chemistry & Biochemistry_Faculty Positions_posted Feb 2016

Univ of CA, Irvine -- Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment in Chemistry_Posted Feb 2016

Washington and Lee University_Org Chem_Visiting Asst Prof_Posted Jan 2016

Cluster Hire Genome Stability & Human Health-Univ of CA, Riverside_posted Jan 2016

Gustavus Adolphus College_Organic and Biochemist positions_posted Jan 2016

Drexel Univ, Asst Prof, experimental sustainability_posted Jan 2016