Laboratory Orientation Checklist


Minors Conducting Research or Working in a Lab

Minors under the age of 13 may not be present in a laboratory, unless they are touring or visiting a laboratory pursuant to the requirements in the Harvard University Minors in Labs Policy

Minors age 13-17 are allowed in a laboratory setting when participating in a Harvard academic program, provided that they:

  • have written consent from their parent or guardian
  • received general lab safety training from Harvard’s Environmental Health and Safety Office (EH&S) and are documented through the EH&S Training Management System Roster
  • have been trained in the specific hazards to which they may be exposed in the laboratory and agree to strictly adhere to the laboratory-specific requirements concerning Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”)
  • are at all times under the direct supervision of a qualified designated adult.

Additional Policies & Forms


Non-Harvard Personnel Using Harvard Research Laboratory Facilities

Any individual without a Harvard appointment (e.g., visiting scholar or collaborator), who intends to use CCB research laboratory facilities, must read, sign, and return the Acknowledgement of Risk and Release Information form to the CCB Safety Office before their work begins.


Training Log

Training Log