Our department has about 500 members serving as faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, instructors, and core staff members. Many of our faculty have dual appointments with the departments of physics or molecular and cellular biology, other Harvard schools like the School of Engineering and Applied Science, or research institutions, including the Wyss Institute and Broad Institute and Boston-area hospitals.


Our Faculty

With expertise in disciplines ranging from quantum mechanics to genetic engineering and super-resolution imaging technologies, our faculty come together to create an interdisciplinary space ideal for tackling today's challenges in chemistry and chemical biology with fresh, creative perspectives. 

Visit our faculty page to discover more about our research community.



The CCB Administration supports our laboratories to ensure they run with ease and efficiency and remain in compliance with laws, policies, and safety best practices. Our CCB Administration is led by our Executive Director, Deana Reardon.

Visit our administration page to learn who does what and how we can help.


Communications team

We welcome inquiries from journalists, and encourage members of the CCB community to share news about upcoming papers and personal accomplishments. Please contact Yahya Chaudhry, Communications & Outreach Manager.

Read our latest news and announcements or the latest edition of CCB Magazine.


Core Facilities

Our two CCB-based core facilities provide our faculty and Boston-area researchers with access to highly specialized services, equipment, and expertise that cannot be supplied by an individual laboratory.

Visit our webpages dedicated to the Laukien-Purcell Instrumentation Center and X-ray Laboratory to learn more about what each Center can offer.