Graduate Student & Postdoc Council

The Graduate Student and Postdoc Council (GPC) is the official representative body of the graduate students and postdocs of the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology (CCB) at Harvard University.

GPC Board Members:

If you have questions/input, or if you want to get involved, please feel free to contact us!

Be sure to add our calendar (below) to your calendar using the link on the bottom right!

What does the GPC do?

The GPC provides various services, and organizes many academic and social activities, including:

  • Friday happy hours (Called TGIF)
  • Student-Invited Speaker Series
  • Yearly, cool and cheap department swag!
  • Sports (Rhino League Volleyball, Softball)
  • Career Speaker Seminars
  • G0 Visit Weekend Assistance
  • G1 Orientation Week Assistance
  • Voicing Grad Student and Postdoc concerns to the department administration
  • Anything you can think of
  • For more information, please see our Constitution (link at left)

We are always looking for volunteers to help manage these events and services, or any other projects! Just contact the president or come to a GPC Meeting to get involved.