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Labs consume far more energy per square foot than non-science buildings. Our Cambridge campus labs account for about 25% of total building square footage and 50% of utility usage. The ten most energy-intensive FAS buildings are laboratories, though not all belong to CCB.

Why are labs so energy intensive? Typically, labs receive 4 to 15 air changes (of outside air) per hour. Outdoor air must be conditioned (i.e., heated or cooled) to levels acceptable to a lab's occupants, and, in the Boston climate, this requires a significant amount of energy. In addition to their special conditioning needs, labs also house substantial equipment that require high amounts of electricity to function.


Help Green our CCB Labs with the Office of Sustainability

Ultracold Freezers

Shut the Sash Competition

Lab Reuse & Recycle
  • Defrosting kits for -20 freezers
  • Deicing kits for -70/-80 freezers
  • Host an annual freezer clean-out
  • Decrease your exhaust airflow
  • Win a pizza party for your lab
  • Volunteer to make an impact
  • Donate equipment
  • Lab recycling certification
  • Swap supplies in a Lab FreeCycle


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