Core Facilities

Our analytical instrumentation facilities support scientific researchers both within Harvard and across the Boston area. These facilities provide scientists with access to highly specialized services, equipment, and expertise that cannot be supplied by an individual laboratory.


CCB Core Facilities

Magnetic Resonance Lab

The Laukien-Purcell Instrumentation Center contains 11 spectrometers, including seven NMR, one each of t he following: EPR, MS, IR, and MPMS.

X-ray Laboratory 

The Center for Crystallographic Studies offers small molecule single crystal diffraction, X-ray diffraction for thin film and powder samples, and crystallography education.


Other Core Facilities

Center for Nanoscale Systems: nanofabrication, materials synthesis, imaging, and computer analysis of design of nanoscale systems

Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry: mass spectrometry-based techniques to investigate a wide variety of analytes

Center for Brain Science: neuroimaging, light microscopy, and more