JoAnne Stubbe

JoAnne Stubbe

Visiting Scholar
(Not Accepting Graduate Students)
JoAnne Stubbe
At MIT Professor Stubbe studies ribonucleotide reductases (RNRs), which catalyze the conversion of nucleotides to deoxynucleotides and play an essential role in DNA replication and repair. Stubbe supports a range of ongoing projects, including those related to the radical propagation pathway utilized by Class I RNRs, the interactions between protein subunits of Class I RNR, the regulation of RNRs, and the mechanisms behind clinical drugs. She also examines the biosynthesis, activation, and regulation of formation of the essential metallo-cofactors of RNRs in E. coli, S. cerevisiae, and humans. JoAnne Stubbe is no longer accepting students.

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