Students, faculty and researchers in The Harvard Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology have access to extensive modern facilities to support their research.  


CCB operates four research buildings in the Cabot Sciences Complex, spanning 265,000 square feet.

  • Edward Mallinckrodt Chemical Laboratory
  • James Bryant Conant Laboratory
  • Converse Memorial Laboratory
  • Naito Laboratory

Undergraduate instruction for Harvard College is conducted in the adjacent Cabot Science Center. Nearby are the Biological Laboratories, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the Physics Laboratories.


Harvard University's Libraries hold more than 15.8 million volumes and are rooted in the 1638 bequest of 400 books from John Harvard. Today's collections include journals, primary source materials, images, audio and video recordings, and digital resources that span a wide range of subjects, languages, and dates. Harvard has more than 80 libraries gathered into a single system that constitutes the largest academic library in the world. The Chemistry Library, housed in the Converse Memorial Laboratory, has long been recognized as one of the country's best.


The analytical instrumentation center located in Naito and Bauer Laboratories provides a convenient location for many of the Department's sophisticated and powerful research instruments. These include nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers; mass spectrometers optimized for analysis of biomolecules or small molecules; chromatography and sequencing equipment; and single crystal X-ray diffractometers. A separate powder X-ray diffractometry facility contains equipment for the analysis of thin films and solids.