Bok Center Honors Spring 2015 Teaching Fellows

September 22, 2015

Congratulations to Austin Scharf, who has received the Certificate of Excellence in Teaching for two courses in the spring term, Chem 100 and 135! And congratulations to the following students who have been named recipients of the Certificates of Distinction in Teaching for the spring semester:

Chem 20
  Bruce Hua
  Matthew Patton
Chem 27
  Riley Brian
  Kevin Bu
  Alissa D’gama
  Erin May
  David Rose
  Joseph Sauer
  Benjamin Schneider
  Daniel Strassfeld
  Paige Swanson
  Olive Tang
  Anqi Zhang
Chem 267
  Bradley Ewers
Chem 301f
  Tamara Powers  
ApPhys 235  
  Amy Sutton
PS 1
  Mykyta Artomov
  Joann Kim
  Alia Roberts
  Jeremy Warner
PS 11
  Christina Chang
  Jordan Wilkerson
  David Wu
Physics 15c  
  Garrett Drayna