In memoriam, Professor Leonard Nash

November 13, 2013
In memoriam, Professor Leonard Nash

Professor Emeritus Leonard K. Nash, former chair and popular teacher of Chem 5 and Chem 10, passed away November 9th at the age of 95.

His publications were almost exclusively in the area of chemical education, and he was beloved by legions of undergraduates. In 1977 the Confi Guide counted him among the “top ten lecturers teaching in the College. You will see Nash go spluttering and screeching back and forth in front of the lecture hall, waving his hands in the air when he gets agitated, or stooping to explain a point when one of the students in the front row seems confused….He doesn’t really lecture—he dances and cajoles.”

Although he retired from teaching in 1986, Professor Nash attended CCB functions as recently as 2009. His textbooks on thermodynamics have been revised and reissued in the past ten years, and continue to bring forth enthusiastic reviews.

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