Laukien-Purcell Instrumentation Center Magnetic Resonance Lab

Our MR Facility contains 11 spectrometers, including 7 NMR, 1 EPR, 1 MS, 1 IR, and 1 MPMS:

  • Agilent DD2 600/(DD2-600)
  • Varian Unity/Inova500 (I500)
  • Varian Unity/Inova500B (I500B)
  • Varian Unity/Inova500C (I500C)
  • Varian Mercury400 (M400)
  • Varian Mercury400B (M400B)
  • JEOL ECZ400S (J400)
  • Bruker ElexSys E500 EPR (E500)
  • Bruker microTOFII ESI LCMS
  • Bruker ALPHA FT-IR
  • Quantum Design MPMS 7AC

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Facility Access & Policies

NOTE: The Laukien-Purcell Instrumentation Center is open with modified operating procedures as of June 8, 2020: 

  • J400 is available for sample drop-off.
  • N400 and N400B will be available as soon as the replacement is done. 
  • To eliminate all person-to-person contact, users will set up experiments remotely, and the Center’s staff will load and unload samples. Send request to LPIC director if there are any special needs. 
  • J400 rate is $20/h for internal users, with minimum of 15 minutes per experiment. No discounts for long experiments.

All researchers affiliated with Harvard University must receive training from our NMR staff before being able to use our spectrometers. Contact Dongtao Cui ( to schedule your training (expect a response within one week).

Once trained, users will receive a code to reserve machine times and to log on/off instruments. You can reserve a machine at the facility's reservation terminal or on the reservation website. All users should adhere to our NMR Reservation Policy.

CCB's Laukien-Purcell Instrumentation Center (CCB LPIC) Mnova license includes: Mnova NMR, Mnova qNMR, Mnova Reaction Monitoring, Mnova Mass, Mnova ElViS and Mnova NMRPredict. All licensed components are available to all active CCB LPIC users. After one-on-one training with the LPIC director, each hands-on user may request one copy of the license. The license is renewed annually (every December for the following calendar year). To qualify for the license renewal, you need to use LPIC instruments at least three times per calendar year. Other CCB students/employees may request an Mnova license but need to pay an annual fee that requires payment with a 33-digit account string by February of the calendar year to which the license applies. 

Please request activation of Mnova 2020 from this Google Spreadsheet.

G1 students may request a copy of the license after one-on-one training with the LPIC director during rotation in CCB; the license is good for 90 days. To keep your license valid for the rest of the year, you need to use LPIC instruments at least three times in the first 90 days after officially joining a CCB research group.
Instruction Manuals
These manuals are for assisting trainings on the use of our in-house spectrometers only. They are not intended to replace manufacturers' original manuals, nor for operating the spectrometers in other institutes. We are not responsible for any damages to your instruments or problems that occur when using these manuals.


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Magnetic Resonance Lab Staff

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