The Department does not grant a terminal AM degree. However, upon completion of certain requirements, students in the Chemistry PhD program may apply for the AM degree in Chemistry. An AM degree in Chemical Physics is not offered, but Chemical Physics students may also apply for the AM degree in Chemistry. 


A minimum of one year of full-time study is required.

Course Requirements and Research

The student must pass eight advanced four-credit courses diversified among the fields of chemistry with average grades of B or higher. Grades of B- will count as a pass if balanced by a B+ or better on a one-for-one basis. Grades of C+ or below will not count. Typically, four of these four-credit courses are classroom work, and the remaining four are research courses. As many as four four-credit courses of the required eight may be taken outside the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, provided the Curriculum Advising Committee approves them. Students planning to take such courses should petition the CAC in advance of taking the courses in order to have them count for the AM degree. Approval of the application for the AM degree is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the required eight four-credit courses.


No thesis is required.