All students are expected to teach half-time in the spring term of their first year and during one term of the second year based on teaching needs. In rare instances and at the discretion of the Department, less than half-time teaching may be allowed to meet this requirement when half-time teaching positions are not available. With their advisor’s approval, a student may also teach in subsequent years.

Teaching fellowships are term-long jobs typically available on a quarter-time or half-time basis. A half-time assignment involves an average of twenty hours per week of preparation and instruction.


Teaching Fellows

Teaching fellow assignments are handled by Joe Lavin, Associate Director of Academic Affairs, and Gregg Tucci, Director of Undergraduate Studies. The application deadlines are:

  • Fall Term: June 25 
  • Spring Term: October 15

Apply: Centralized Application for Teaching Sections (CATS). A list of offered courses can be found here.

NOTE: CCB graduate students may also teach courses in other departments, with the approval of the CCB Department and their research advisor. If teaching in other departments, students must notify the CCB Department before accepting the assignment.


English Language Requirement

A thorough command of oral and written English is required to teach. Incoming PhD students who are non-native speakers of English and who have not received their undergraduate degree from an English-speaking institution will be screened by the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning to determine their level of proficiency. Students who are not deemed proficient will be required to take courses approved by GSAS to improve their English proficiency as part of their preparation for teaching and professional development. Adjustments to first-year course schedules may be necessary to allow for time to take these courses. Students will not be allowed to teach until they are deemed proficient.


Teaching Resources