Our Lab Rotation Program allows first year graduate students (G1s) to experience the science and environment of our CCB laboratories. The program also exposes our students to the interrelated, multidisciplinary research our faculty pursue and encourages them to investigate beyond the borders of their chosen field. 


Lab Rotation Policies for G1s

  • G1s are required to participate in three 4-week rotations or one 8 week and one 4 week rotation. Students are encouraged to conduct additional rotations if necessary.
  • Each student is assigned a graduate student or postdoctoral mentor for guidance and advice on lab practices and policies.
  • In the third rotation, students may choose to rotate with a professor in a department outside CCB with the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies; to do so, contact the outside faculty member directly to discuss your possible rotation.
  • Students must wait for the group joining deadline, December 10th, before officially joining a group.
  • All students should enter a research group by June 30th of their first year.
  • The faculty head of the chosen group serves as the student’s advisor.

If, after you join a research group, you find that another area of research more closely matches your interests, consult the Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Ted Betley, or Co-Director of Graduate Studies, Joe Lavin.


2022 Rotation Schedule


First Lab Rotation: September 6 – October 3

Second Lab Rotation: October 4 – November 1

Third Lab Rotation: November 2 – December 8


Required Forms

Questions? Please contact Kathy Oakley