The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology meets the financial needs of its graduate students through a combination of department scholarships and fellowships, teaching fellowships, research assistantships, and independent outside fellowships. Financial support is awarded on a 12-month basis, enabling students to pursue their research throughout the year.


G1s are typically paid through a departmental fellowship in the fall term and a teaching fellowship in the spring term. Research assistantships start in July after the student has completed the first year of the graduate program. Research assistantships provide an opportunity for students to devote more time to research. The 12-month research assistantship is the major vehicle for student support within a research group.

Stipend and Tuition

The CCB stipend rate is $42,588 ($3,549/month). Stipend and tuition support (including student health fees and the student health insurance plan) is provided to all graduate students in good standing, through the Department, faculty advisor, and/or external fellowships. More information on student health insurance is available through University Health Services

Fellowship Policy

Funding from an external fellowship will replace any stipend and tuition support from the Department. However, the Department will supplement any fellowship to the amounts indicated above, so that those students with external fellowships receive the same level of support as other graduate students in the Department. Students with external fellowships are required to inform the Department so that the fellowship may be integrated with the rest of their financial support.